Add Ons allow you to find the options you need to perfect your system.

With our flexible, adaptable and often interchangeable product selection, Span Tech add-ons and specialty options can significantly improve your system’s performance. Whether your industry’s unique needs requires a pre-engineered add-on part, or you need to custom-designed┬áspecialty solution, consider┬áthese options to take your conveyor to the next level of durability and efficiency.

Bump Rotate

Change product orientation quickly and easily with our bump rotate feature.

Drip Tray

Drip Trays are designed to catch liquids and debris that could fall off the conveyor, and drip trays are custom designed for each individual conveyor.


A perfect safety component for both products and employees, sidewalls are available for custom design or fitting to individual applications.

Metal Detector

Stop metal contamination in its tracks with our metal detector compatible conveyor. Perfect for food processing conveyors to ensure no metal mixes in with edible products.

Variable Frequency Drive

Gain complete control of your conveyor drive unit, from beginning to end.