Benefits of Span Tech’s Manufacturing Conveyor Systems:

Span Tech produces and supplies easy-to-integrate solutions which can be simply modified or redesigned at any point in the future based on your company or manufacturing needs. Small or large, consumer goods manufacturers and distributors around the world depend on quality material handling solutions to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

With high-quality solutions, exceptional after-sales support, and short delivery and production ramp-up times, Span Tech’s conveyor solutions will increase your system uptime, line output and ability to meet constantly changing market demands, regardless of your specific product category and short or long-term needs.


Consumer Goods Manufacturing Capabilities:


Automotive Manufacturing:

For fast-paced and high-output automotive assembly lines, factors such as precision, safety and operational efficiency are of the utmost importance. It can be challenging to find a conveyor system that offers enough flexibility to handle sensitive automotive materials that come in an unpredictable assortment of shapes and sizes.

Span Tech caters to the needs of automotive assemblies large and small with a diverse array of custom conveyor and modular systems, each compatible with a variety of options and accessories that will further streamline responsiveness and productivity. Not only do we provide custom-designed solutions for any automotive material operation, we also place great emphasis on meeting and exceeding industry safety standards, ensuring that operations will remain as safe and secure as they are smooth and efficient.