The Importance Of Pharmaceutical Distribution — And How The Right Conveyors Can Help

pharmaceutical distribution

Pharmaceutical distributors play a critical role as the middlemen between manufacturers and patients. If distribution is interrupted or improperly managed, pharmaceuticals might not get to patients and hospitals in a safe and timely fashion, which could put lives at risk. And a reliable pharmaceutical distribution system requires the proper pharmaceutical conveyors.

How Can Pharmaceutical Conveyors Improve Drug Distribution?

Having an efficient and safe pharmaceutical distribution system ensures that all drug sales are recorded, reported and sent to the correct places. There are quite a few ways that pharmaceutical conveyors help keep the system running smoothly.

Improved Efficiency

Pharmaceutical conveyors have the capability to automatically move pharmaceuticals from tablet production to final prescription distribution. This quickens the pace at which drugs are distributed while still ensuring a safe and sterile environment.

Enhanced Ergonomics

Conveyors make it easy for pharmaceutical distribution workers to inspect or work with the pharmaceuticals as they travel down the line. This smoother pacing helps to streamline the supply chain and reduce the cost of pharmaceutical production and distribution, saving the health care system as a whole time and money.

Saving Space

Pharmaceutical conveyors can operate vertically and horizontally, which helps optimize floor space while still distributing the drugs quickly and securely. Making the most of even tight spaces can also help decrease the cost of drug distribution.

Which Conveyors Are Best For Pharmaceutical Distribution?

There are many conveyors that could be well-suited to pharmaceutical distribution if they were fitted with the correct chain types. For example, the MicroSpan chain is tightly woven to ensure that no small tablets are lost and also provides an extremely small transfer gap between conveyors. MiniLink chain is another ideal option for moving small objects like pharmaceuticals with care while also helping separate and merge multiple conveyor lanes.

The EZSpan Belt Conveyor is a particularly perfect solution for pharmaceutical distribution. This new line of belt conveyors from SpanTech is well-suited to pharmaceuticals thanks to its thin, modular conveyor chain. The chain is different from the standard fabric found in most pharmaceutical tablet conveyors, which are usually fabric. With the EZSpan, tracking issues are non-existent and no take-up unit is required, so there are no gaps between machines. On top of improved efficiency, the chain material is easier to sterilize and maintain, which makes it easier to ensure the safety of patients.

Let SpanTech Help Create Your Ultimate Pharmaceutical Distribution System

SpanTech is eager to help any pharmaceutical distribution company create a safe and efficient system using the right pharmaceutical conveyors. Start an estimate for your company today.