2018 Outlook

2017 was a tremendous year for Span Tech, and we are anticipating similar results for 2018. We are expecting exponential growth that will allow us to create even more innovative new products and solutions. Also we are planning on implementing training programs that will help our partners better utilize the full capabilities of our products.



In late 2017 we expanded our business into Waukesha WI and opened a new Sales & Service Center devoted to service training and product testing. For 2018 we are planning on putting more focus on the testing lab and showroom. We understand that the key to success in any of our partnerships is understanding the ins-and-outs of our systems, and how they work. We strongly believe in making sure every Distributor, OEM, Integrator, and End User walking through our door has the proper education and understanding of our systems to ensure the lowest total cost of ownership possible. We would like to invite partners both current and future to bring their products in and get a first-hand look at how they will perform on our systems. The goal is to educate and demonstrate our conveyors full potential and ensure why Span Tech should be your first option for all your material handling needs.



We are extremely excited for 2018 in our world of Training & Development.  A number of opportunities are on the horizon for us.  We will be implementing a new version of Span Tech training for our distributors & OEM’s.  Our goal is to provide valuable information and access to hands-on training to our partners.  What is our goal for this training? To have it in a way that is easy to understand, easy to access, improves our customer’s knowledge, and provides real-life experience.  How do we do this?  We are transforming our current internal training programs to suit our customers’ needs. We are developing our online Span Tech University with access to mini-modules. These modules will consist of topics such as our company history, product knowledge applications, and much, much more.  Finally, we will provide access to our training center for instruction in real-life, hands-on scenarios.  2018 is proving to be an exciting year for Span Tech and we look forward sharing that with our customers!



We are going to be attending and exhibiting at several events in 2018. If you would like to schedule a meeting and get to know us a little better email us at info@spantechllc.com.


Attending –

International Production & Processing Expo | Jan 30 – Feb 1

Modex | April 9 – April 12


Exhibiting –

Pack Expo International & Healthcare Packaging Expo | Oct 14 – Oct 17

2018 is going to be a year of innovation. You are going to see smarter, safer and more automated solutions. We are always up to the challenge and anticipating change. As always we are more than prepared to help you Outlast. Outperform. And Outdeliver your material handing needs.

Product Spotlight: Transpositor


Transpositors provide right-angle product transfers and allow product lanes or patterns to be built across the width of receiving conveyors. The transfer function uses our sprocket driven MicroSpan Chain. Servo, pneumatic actuator or AC motor can power the depositing function.


Transpositor Features:


  • Can be used as a product reject or divert for delicate products
  • Ideal for feeding wrappers, casepackers and handpack stations
  • Build product lanes or patterns across the width of receiving conveyors.
  • Sprocket driven chain, no tracking issues.
  • Capable of handling almost any type of product.
  • No lubrication is required to run the Transpositor making it virtually maintenance free.
  • Configurations are flexible giving the Transpositor the smallest footprint possible.


Recommended Industries:


7 Tips For Preventative Maintenance

Your Conveyors are one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have. Without them running properly and efficiently you run the risk of slowing down and jeopardizing the entire production process. Each conveyor system should be inspected regularly, and the results of each inspection recorded. While our conveyor systems are a complex engineered system, routine maintenance can be covered in only seven (7) basic steps. Each of these items should be checked to ensure a long, reliable conveyor life. If you have questions regarding any topic or problem not covered in this guide, feel free to contact Span Tech for technical assistance.

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