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Sorting and Merging Conveyors

Boost your sorting and merging capabilities and take your productivity to new heights.

Sorting and merging your products has never been easier. Check out our selection of adaptable sorting and merging conveyor solutions to learn how your system could be more efficient than ever.

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Sorting and Merging Conveyors

Customize Your Sorting Conveyors & Merging Conveyors

Sorting conveyors and merging conveyors are at the heart of efficient material handling, offering unparalleled customization for diverse industrial needs. Span Tech leads the way in providing tailored solutions that streamline your sorting and merging processes. Our expertise lies in creating conveyors that not only sort and merge with precision but also adapt seamlessly to your specific operational requirements, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity

Power Diverting Conveyor

Alleviate accumulation issues with a Powered Divert, an ideal solution for non-rigid and bagged products.

Right Angle Transfer Conveyor

Flexible, adaptable and affordable. Our Transpositor successfully creates right-angle product transfers without skewing.

Vertical Conveyor System

Your capabilities can reach new heights. With our vertical switch solutions, your products can be discharged at elevations you haven’t been able to utilize before now.

Conveyor Pushers & Stops

A rugged design that sorts your products efficiently by ejecting them off of a conveyor, or halting them altogether. Move heavy products with ease using our pushers and stops.

Laning/Diverting Conveyor

Our reliable Laners auto-sort your products into lanes, allowing them to be easily packaged or sent in different directions.

High Speed Sortation Conveyor

Sort & Merge products with ease. The high-speed sorting conveyor divides your products effectively, while maintaining product pitch.

Why Choose Span Tech For Sorting and Diverting Conveyors?

Diverting and Sorting conveyors have revolutionized material handling across various industries, bringing unparalleled efficiency to production lines. These systems are not just about moving products; they're about smartly organizing and directing them to the right place at the right time. By efficiently sorting, merging and diverting products, these conveyors optimize workflow, reduce manual labor, and increase throughput. This versatility makes them an indispensable tool in numerous sectors.

Enhanced Efficiency

With precise sorting, conveyors minimize bottlenecks, boosting overall productivity.

Reduced Labor Costs

Automating sorting processes lowers the need for manual sorting, cutting down labor expenses.

Improved Accuracy

Advanced technology ensures accurate sorting, reducing errors and improving quality control.


As business needs grow, sorting conveyors can be easily adapted and scaled to meet increased demands.


Automated sorting reduces the risk of injuries associated with manual handling.

Why Choose Span Tech for Diverting Conveyors

When selecting merging and diverting conveyor systems, Span Tech distinguishes itself as a leading innovator in conveyor technology. Our dedication to quality, forward-thinking designs, and focus on client-specific solutions positions us as the go-to choice for businesses in need of effective and dependable conveyor systems. Here’s why SpanTech is the ideal partner for your merging and diverting conveyor requirements:

Tailored Innovation in Conveying Solutions

Span Tech excels in creating bespoke merging and sorting conveyor solutions, custom-fitted to meet unique operational demands. We are adept at configuring our conveyor systems for diverse applications, ensuring gentle handling for sensitive materials or robust functionality for more demanding tasks. This commitment to customization means that each client receives a conveyor solution that’s precisely aligned with their operational needs.

Robust Durability and Operational Efficiency

SpanTech’s merging conveyors are built to endure. Designed for relentless use in challenging environments, these conveyors remain efficient and minimize downtime. Their design emphasizes low-friction operation, which results in reduced wear and tear, lessening maintenance costs and extending the conveyor’s lifespan.

Comprehensive Customer Service and Expertise

SpanTech’s reputation for exceptional customer service is backed by our action. We offer end-to-end support, from the initial consultation phase to post-sale services. This client-focused approach, combined with our deep understanding of the industry, ensures that customers receive comprehensive solutions and ongoing assistance.

By opting for SpanTech for your merging and sorting conveyor needs, you are choosing a partnership that prioritizes cutting-edge innovation, exceptional quality, and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction.

What Do Customers Say About SpanTech?

To see what other satisfied customers have to say about their experience with SpanTech, visit our Testimonials page.

“It made our life a whole lot simpler and easier.”
Brent, Samsung Communications
“SpanTech’s EZGuide rail system has greatly improved change over times on our bottle filling line.”
Nathan Musack, Maintenance Manager, ATHEA Packaging
“I feel like Span Tech offered us more diversity, custom conveyors, especially for the products that we run and how we run them.”
Kay Ritter, Operations Manager, Pasta Montana

Frequently Asked Questions About Sorting and Diverting Conveyors

How Do These Conveyors Improve Operational Efficiency?

Sorting and diverting conveyors streamline production lines. They improve operational efficiency by automating the sorting and merging processes, which reduces manual labor and speeds up the handling of products. This automation leads to faster processing times and increased throughput, which is crucial in high-volume industries.

Can Sorting and Merging Conveyors Be Customized for Specific Needs?

Yes, Span Tech’s sorting and merging conveyors are customizable. They are designed to be adaptable, allowing them to be tailored to specific operational requirements. This customization can include adjustments in conveyor size, shape, and the specific type of sorting or merging mechanism used, ensuring they fit perfectly into different production environments.

What Are the Maintenance Requirements for These Conveyors?

Maintenance requirements for Span Tech conveyors are minimal. The design and materials used in these conveyors ensure durability and longevity, reducing the need for frequent maintenance. However, regular inspections and routine maintenance are recommended to ensure optimal performance and to address any wear and tear over time.

How Do Sorting and Merging Conveyors Integrate with Existing Systems?

Span Tech conveyors are designed for easy integration with existing systems. They are built to be compatible with various types of packaging and processing equipment. This integration capability allows for seamless addition to existing production lines, enhancing their functionality without significant modifications to current systems.

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