Custom Modular Conveyor Solutions

Span Tech offers the most innovative, flexible Modular Design and technology on the market. Providing the lowest total cost of ownership versus all other conveyor types. 

‘Our innovative Modular family of conveyors was developed so designers can make up virtually any layout they want’ – Bud Layne Owner / CEO.

Modular, rebuildable chain components mean incredibly easy fixes on your line. Sometimes requiring no special disassembly of the components other than the chain itself.  Since there is no tensioner or catenary to deal with, repairing chain links on a modular chain system is incredibly fast and inexpensive.

Our patented, durable Modular Designs not only set the industry standard for quality and innovation but also provides quiet operation and easy cleaning solutions adaptable to many product applications and industries.

Span Tech is the only plastic conveyance system that is a single integrated design by one manufacturer. With other company’s conveyors, each time the product has to change direction, a new conveyor is needed.  This is not the case with our Modular Designed systems.  Long runs of the conveyor which contain straight sections, horizontal bends, vertical inclines/declines, and even helical curves are all possible in a single conveyor solution.

We observe the laws of symmetrical design; where a left-hand part is interchangeable with a right-hand part. With a reasonably low number of parts, we can make a very wide variation of conveyors. This lowers the investment costs and increases your field flexibility.


Span Tech Modular Design Engineering Principles:

-Symmetrical “Square Matrix” part design, versus a staggered pattern, is used whenever possible.

-“Copy Exact” design principle, reduces complexity in manufacturing and assembly. If a replacement part is needed years from now, the replacement will fit perfectly and perform to the same standards.

– Carefully selected and tested, high tolerance molded materials and machined parts for optimal performance. We monitor our conveyor assembly process to stay within prescribed limits, resulting in a conveyor that has a tremendously long life in the field that runs year after year, with very few parts and very low service level.

Span Tech Modular Design Components:

-Chain / Links – Because of the geometry of our chain links, we can create one of the strongest, tightest turning radii in the market. The conveyor chain itself is made up of chain-link modules just like a mosaic or Lego system. Our chain unzips easily for direct chain replacement – change pitch with a change of chain pattern or remove slack by simply pulling a single rod making changes easier with less downtime. Open design with captured side frame eliminates catenary. Add, swap, extend, expand or change the pattern of chain/sections in less time, by simply removing a rod.

-Rod – the hinge component connecting our modular links, creating our conveyor chain. All rods are precision milled identical day to day and years later a replacement will fit “exactly”.

-Drive & Idler Sprockets – Our conveyors are positively driven and tracked by plastic sprockets, eliminating slippage, preventing damage to the conveyor’s edge and the potential for product contamination or premature failure. Our conveyor drive and sprockets are designed to be interchangeable pieces providing ease of maintenance and production line flexibility.

Span Tech Modular Chain Types:








Span Tech Modular Conveyors:


-Outrunner Spiral:

Continuous curving inclining or declining conveyor used in a minimal amount of floor space, to move product for extended dwell times or buffer in the event a downstream process stops working. Span Tech’s design is a unique ‘twist’ on standard technology – ours drives the spiral from the outside with a series of sprockets, reducing the complexity of the design and overall cost. Providing load flexibility, speeds, and incline /decline angles.


-Topper Lift:

We’ve taken a second conveyor over the top of the first conveyor that hangs freely on the top conveyor. This top chain comes into contact with the product and applies enough force to the product to keep it from sliding backward on the bottom conveyor, achieving the highest incline angles in the market. Allowing more shapes and sizes even in a continuous production run.


-High-Speed Switch:

Basically a flow diverter. Takes a single input of product and diverts to multiple output lanes at very high rates of speed.


-Helical Curve:

Incorporates both vertical and horizontal directional changes using a single conveyor and gear motor to power and achieve the same Point A to Point B destination as well as produce product transitions, without using multiple conveyors.

It’s amazing how pieces of our systems fit within one another and can be switched around and still work for ultimate convenience and customization. With Span Tech’s innovative Modular Designed products, there is no limit to what can be accomplished.

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Keeping Consistent Quality

Quality is important to us, because our customers are important to us.  As is generally the case with any organization, our customers are the single most important part of our business, without them we wouldn’t exist.

Customers expect you to deliver quality products and services.  We work to continuously improve our understanding of their requirements and expectations and provide them with the highest quality products and services that are defect/error free.  We strive to provide for our customers in a way that not only meets their expectations, but far exceeds them.  By doing this, we help to maintain customer satisfaction and retain their loyalty so they will continue to do business with us in the future.  By building a strong reputation for quality and creating these long term relationships with our customers, Quality makes an important contribution to long term revenue and profitability.


An effective Quality program can help keep costs down while poor quality can increase costs.  If an effective program is not in place, costs can be incurred from analyzing nonconforming products or services to determine the root causes of failure or defects.  Increased costs can also come from having to rework or repair defective products, by scrapping material and using extra material, labor and the associated shipping costs to fix issues.  Even higher costs can be incurred if customer service trips on-site are required to fix or replace faulty products. But, the highest cost in many cases would be losing the faith or trust of a customer or multiple customers due to poor quality, so creating and managing a strong quality program is crucial to helping our customers and us be successful.

This video shows some of the innovations that make up our quality products.

At Span Tech, our quality program is a dynamic system that is primarily customer focused (both external and internal) and is designed with an emphasis on prevention.  Some of the principals we use are;


  • Customer Focus
  • Leadership
  • Training – Developing employee skills and abilities
  • Manufacturing capability and the appropriate application of technology
  • Supplier performance and conformance
  • Continual process improvement – productivity and efficiency

We all see quality as a shared responsibility.  We believe that quality applies to every department and every employee in everything we do.  Our goal is to build in quality rather than attempting to inspect defects and errors out.

Read some of our customers testimonials here.

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Benefits of In-House Manufacturing

We live in an increasingly globalized society; look at your shoes. The different parts collectively have been more places of the world than we have. In many organizations, outsourcing specific functions to try to stay competitive has become the norm. Outsourcing can’t always be completely avoided, however we’ve always believed in the benefits of In-house Manufacturing. The outcome is a positive Customer Experience.   


Benefits of Span Tech In-House Manufacturing

Innovative Customization

Having the ability to create and modify products without having to contact other businesses. No need to go through a multitude of channels for product tweaks, negating the likelihood of errors.


Improved Quality

Production control leads to improved quality. Quality over quantity and made in the USA. Able to develop teams of expert craftsmen and women that take ownership and pride in the work they create.


Knowledge Protection

Rapid Prototype Testing – less threat to innovation and confidentiality. We are a learning organization drawing from industry veterans. We develop today’s technology with multiple educational mentors.


Lower Production Expense

Eliminating costly middlemen helps to bring costs down in the supply chain.


More Flexibility

Innovative ideas do not leave the premise and are shared with other departments promptly for adaptability. Minimal customer points of contact keeps things on track through the entire design process.


Increased Market Responsiveness

Allows business to move through the design, engineering, product development and production phases for faster lead times.


Span Tech is proud to manufacture our custom conveyor solutions…In-house.

We can customize In-house solutions to meet your needs – Contact us HERE to get your Customer Experience started.