3 Signs Your Operations Could Benefit From A Spiral Elevator Conveyor

If you find that the only place left for your business to grow is up, then a spiral elevator conveyor is just the type of conveyor you need. Moving your product up and down is just one of the things a spiral conveyor is good for, though. Here are a few signs that your operations could benefit from this multi-functional elevator.

You’re Tight On Floor Space

The first and most obvious reason you should invest in the spiral elevator conveyor is to help you save space. This specific type of conveyor is perfect for handling any product, no matter how delicate. There is no pressure applied at any point, so feel free to send even your most fragile materials up and away.

You Need A Conveyor With Many Applications

The spiral conveyor is ideal not just for elevating your products, but also cooling and curing them. If materials have a time delay before they can be moved to the next part in the process, the spiral elevator can give you that time. Many people eliminate separate coolers or dryers from their operation because of how efficient the spiral conveyor is when combined with these applications. You’ll save space, and money, in more ways than one.

You Need To Elevate Products Quickly

With speeds up to 250 fpm (76.2 mpm), the OutRunner Spiral Elevator will distribute your products efficiently without sacrificing gentleness. You also don’t have to worry about having a product range that is too broad — the design of this spiral conveyor evenly distributes the load amongst each tier, meaning you aren’t limited to which speed or incline setting you can use for each unique load.

If you’re in need of a solution to streamline your operation, you may need a spiral elevator conveyor. Start your estimate now.

Top 5 Custom Food Handling Conveyors & Conveyor Features For Food Production Companies

custom conveyor systems

In the world of food production, minimizing and preventing product damage, while maintaining the safety of your employees, and keeping your facility in top condition can be a Herculean task. Because of this, having conveyor systems with features that keep your facility safe, productive, clean and efficient is extremely important. Here at SpanTech, our food handling conveyors are designed to not only meet these needs but exceed them.

Keep reading to view our top five custom conveyor features for the food production industry and learn why you need them in your facility today.


Metal Detectors

It’s vital to keep metal contamination out of edible products. The best way to prevent any possible metal contamination is by utilizing a metal detector on your food handling conveyor.

At Span Tech, Our conveyors can be equipped with custom, state-of-the-art metal detectors. They offer reliable protection against contamination by ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  Our metal detector-ready conveyors are best suited for applications in the food, pharmaceutical, and other industries.


Clean Out Holes

Cleanliness and the ability to clean efficiently are important aspects of keeping your food processing conveyors in tip-top shape. Clean out holes are commonly used in food production facilities that need to maintain a high level of cleanliness year-round.

Our washdown conveyor is commonly used for better access to the inside of the conveyor bed for a more effective and efficient washdown.


Pillow Top Chains

A top feature for food production companies when it comes to custom conveyor systems is the ability to handle the most delicate of products. This is where pillow top chain conveyors come into play. This custom conveyor belt add-on is perfect for food production facilities due to its ability to handle delicate food products with ease and precision.

SpanTech’s innovative pillow top chain virtually eliminates the need for a powered transfer unit and allows the conveyor to sit extremely close to the transfer unit. This results in the successful transfer of very small food products that could otherwise get caught or snagged in traditional transfers.



Sidewalls for custom conveyor belts can sometimes be an overlooked aspect of food production. But it should never be underestimated. These sidewalls are an effective way to both ensure sanitation and guard against the moving sides of the conveyor chain. They also function as a guide for products on a food processing conveyor belt.

Our add-on sidewalls are the perfect safety component for not only your products but your employees. SpanTech sidewalls create a low amount of friction. Sidewalls are available for a custom design or fitting to individual applications.


Drip Trays

In a food production facility, liquid and debris can easily fall off of a conveyor. Drip trays are designed to catch liquid and debris and prevent a potential safety hazard or any damage to the product.

SpanTech’s drip trays are custom designed for each individual custom conveyor. Available in stainless steel, drip trays can be equipped with drain plugs so liquids can be routed into a centralized drainage system.


Get A Totally Custom Conveyor System Today

All of SpanTech’s conveyor systems and add-ons are completely customizable to fit your specific needs. Have a question or need more information? Contact us today.