Top 6 Custom Distribution Conveyor Belt Features

Span Tech Custom Conveyors

As a distribution facility, you need your processes to run seamlessly so that each product arrives at its destination without trouble. You also want to make the most of your space. To achieve all this, you need a custom conveyor system that can handle tight turns and changes in elevation, while still reliably sorting packages. The following custom conveyor belts are capable of these functions and more to create optimal efficiency in your facility.


Vertical Switch

Vertical Switch Custom Conveyor Belts

Having custom conveyor belts that make use of vertical space can help you save room in your facility. The vertical switch lets you discharge packages at elevations that were previously not possible, and therefore use space that was previously unusable, creating a new level of efficiency for your workspace. The switch ramps gently lower your products from one level to the next, ensuring that they get where they need to go safely.


Traffic Cop

Traffic Cop Custom Conveyor

If you need to merge multiple lanes of product, but aren’t sure how to do it in an organized manner, the traffic cop is the solution. This custom conveyor feature uses two swinging arms to stagger product flow. One arm stays in place while the other allows a lane of traffic to pass through. Then, the other side opens after a set period of time, allowing one, two or more packages to slide through at once. The traffic cop offers you the needed control to keep your products flowing smoothly.


Spiral Elevator Conveyor

Spiral Elevator Custom Conveyor Systems

Like the vertical switch, the spiral elevator conveyor gives you access to vertical space that previously went unused. Custom conveyor systems with a spiral elevator can also give you a strategic time delay, so you won’t experience backups from products reaching their locations too quickly. This custom conveyor belt gently raises your products from one level to the next, allowing you to make the most of your space without damaging fragile items.


MicroSpan Transfer

MicroSpan Transfer Custom Conveyor Belt

When one end of a custom conveyor belt meets the beginning of another, there is generally a small gap between them. While this may not seem like a problem, it can cause major backups if smaller packages get caught in the gap. MicroSpan transfer conveyors help to avoid such hangups. The tiny conveyor belt bridges the space between the two larger conveyors, making a smooth transition to keep your business moving.


Helical Conveyor

Helical Conveyor Custom Conveyor Systems

Changing elevation and direction at the same time doesn’t have to be tricky, as long as you have the helical conveyor on your side. This custom conveyor’s unique design allows it to raise or lower your product while also changing its orientation. It offers the most aggressive elevation change to curve radius in the industry while still keeping your products free of damage. It’s just the investment you need to make your facility as ergonomic as possible.



Custom Conveyor Belt Transpositor

A more compact alternative to the helical conveyor is the Transpositor. This two-tiered custom conveyor belt uses a trap door to gently drop your products from the first level to the second. The belt on the second level rapidly spins perpendicularly to the belt above it. When the product is dropped down, the belt performs a right angle turn to reroute the product into its awaiting container. The drop is only a few inches, so even items such as frozen food in plastic containers can be distributed without damage.


Span Tech Has The Solution For Your Distribution Needs

Span Tech offers a variety of custom conveyor systems that will perfectly suit your distributing facility’s needs. To learn more about which distribution conveyor features will create the ideal system for your space, contact us to start your free estimate.

How to Choose Between Conveyor Chain Types

When purchasing your new modular, rebuildable and durable conveyors from Span Tech, you have a lot of options. Our patented plastic conveyor chain designs provide solutions applicable to a wide variety of products and industries. But which type is right for your various assembly lines and the end product? There are a few questions you should ask yourself that can aid in your decision-making process.

How delicate or small are the materials you’re handling?

If you’re manufacturing delicate products, it’s extremely important to have the proper conveyor chain types that won’t crush, tip or break anything during the process. It can also be difficult to protect small items or to handle small parts while on a conveyor system. That’s why you need a plastic chain conveyor belt that can securely handle and transport small items.

Pillow Top. The Pillow Top chain conveyors can handle the most delicate of products with ease and extreme precision. Perfect for food production facilities, this chain conveyor has the ability to transfer very small products that can get caught or snagged in more traditional conveyors.

MiniLink. For moving small products with extreme care, the MiniLink plastic conveyor chain is the ideal choice. This conveyor combines the functionality of a traditional conveyor system with a compact cross section for easy, delicate handling.

Do your materials need to cool or cure while being conveyed?

Whether your products need to be cooled or cured while on the production line, it’s vital that you have a plastic chain conveyor that can withstand extreme temperatures.

MaxiSpan. The innovative MaxiSpan chain has an adaptable design and remains a top choice thanks to its product-cooling capabilities. This plastic conveyor chain is available in materials that are resistant to most chemicals and constant temperatures ranging from -40℉ to 220℉.

50mm SuperTight. When manufacturing products that need to be cooled or dried on the production line, an open design is key to allow for good airflow. The 50mm SuperTight plastic conveyor chain has just that.

J-Trax. Add efficiency and ease to the process of food and beverage production with the J-Trax system. This functional design features open rods that allow for the rapid cooling of bakery items. With a variety of applications, the J-Trax can be used to cool, bread and batter, enrobe, deposit, drain, dewater and dry.

How messy are the materials you’re handling?

When dealing with particularly messy products, you need a plastic chain conveyor belt that allows excess liquids or remnants to sift through the chains.

MaxiSpan. With its 75 percent open design, the MaxiSpan also allows liquids and debris to fall through the conveyor chain, which equates to less cleanup and less downtime.

J-Trax. The J-Trax conveyor system’s open rod design also allows any excess material to fall through in order to prevent accumulated or hidden debris. The J-Trax design is fully washdown rated with stainless steel, making it easy to clean and sanitize for those producing messier products.

Will your conveyor need to make sharp turns?

The ability for a conveyor to make sharp turns cannot be underestimated. Whether you’re dealing with a tight space or a specialty production line, having a conveyor system that can make sharp turns is a huge asset.

50mm SuperTight. In addition to having good airflow, the 50mm SuperTight chain has the tightest turning radius on the market today. This means that it can cut tight corners in any conveyor layout making it super versatile for any facility.

Pillow Top. The Pillow Top conveyor also offers one of the tightest turning radii on the market for its chain width. In fact, the Pillow Top is actually based off of the 50mm SuperTight design and is a direct replacement for any 50 mm SuperTight conveyor.

SuperTight. Offering an extremely tight turning radius, the SuperTight chain is perfect for anyone looking for a smaller horizontal turning radius. Make any tight turn easily and securely.

Let Span Tech Find the Perfect Conveyor Solution for Your Needs

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