Top 6 Must-Have Sorting Conveyor Systems & Accumulation Solutions

Top accumulation & sorting conveyors

Sorting, merging and accumulating products is a vital part of production, packaging and distribution for many industries. From cosmetic manufacturing to food production, efficient product flow has never been more important. Span Tech’s line of sorting conveyors has been specifically designed to meet these needs. The following are some of the top sorting, merging and accumulation conveyors available from Span Tech.

1. Alleviate Accumulation Issues with the Powered Divert

The Powered Divert is a small accumulation conveyor at a 90-degree angle, suspended above a horizontal chain. Ideal for bagged and nonrigid products, the Powered Divert works by keeping the product continually moving forward, virtually alleviating any accumulation issues. This is an incredibly valuable application if you have a limited conveyor length where a standard divert rail would be too long. The Powered Divert is typically powered by a WA20 or WA30 gearmotor and is ideal for distribution.

2. Eliminate Skewing with the Transpositor

The flexible and adaptable Transpositor creates right-angle product transfers without any skewing. Using the sprocket-driven MicroSpan chain, this conveyor feature can be used to reject or divert even the most delicate of products. Built for product lanes or for patterns across the width of receiving conveyors, the Transpositor is perfect for feeding wrappers, case packers and hand-pack stations. This sorting conveyor feature is ideal for packaging, distribution, e-commerce and more.

3. Reach New Heights with the Vertical Switch

The Vertical Switch allows products to be discharged at multiple heights. Depending on your unique configuration, the system can be man-driven from the conveyor or independently powered — the choice is yours. And thanks to its compact design, the overall footprint of the sorting conveyor system is reduced, meaning less space is needed for optimal operational efficiency. The Vertical Switch is designed for manufacturing, distribution, pharmaceutical production and manufacturing, and cosmetic manufacturing and distribution.

4. Easily Move Heavy Products with Pushers and Stops

Conveyor Stops and Pushers are stations that sort products efficiently by ejecting them off the conveyor or halting them altogether. This is incredibly important when working with heavier products. The adaptable station can also be used for sorting specific product from the main conveyor flow, palletizing or utilizing a product reject system. Keep in mind that stoppers and pushers can be used in both pneumatic cylinder and electric motor applications. Pushers and Stops are ideal for packaging, manufacturing, e-commerce, and cosmetic manufacturing and distribution.

5. Auto-Sort Products with the Reliable Laner

The innovative Laner system auto-sorts products into lanes. It works by utilizing multiple rows of specially designed wheels to speed up product flow. This allows products to be efficiently sent down the line for final packaging or accelerated in different directions for additional processing. The process virtually eliminates product jamming, residue contamination and the slowing down of product movement, common issues when using traditional methods like guide rails or sheet metal dividers. The Laner works best with round, thin products.

6. Smoothly Sort and Merge with the High-Speed Switch

The High-Speed Switch allows you to split product flow efficiently while maintaining product pitch. Products are transferred along the production line by a series of carriers which are supported by guide rods. Powered by a pair of MonoSpan conveyor chains, the High-Speed Switch can split product flow evenly or can be programmed to divert a product whenever or wherever you need it. This conveyor feature is explicitly designed for rigid and/or bagged (not bulk) products. The High-Speed Switch is perfect for food and beverage production, packaging, manufacturing, distribution, pharmaceutical production and manufacturing, e-commerce, and cosmetic manufacturing and distribution.

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