4 Must-Have Cosmetic Packaging Solutions and Conveyor Features

If you’re not using safe, reliable and efficient conveyor systems for cosmetics, you could be making a costly mistake.

The world of cosmetics is now a multibillion-dollar industry. In fact, by 2022, experts forecast that the global cosmetics industry will be worth almost $430 billion. The all-encompassing term “cosmetics” refers to makeup, deodorants, fragrances, color cosmetics and hair, sun and skin care.

Because so many people around the world rely on cosmetics companies to provide them with safe, high-quality products, it’s more important than ever before that manufacturers utilize the proper cosmetic conveyor systems when producing their products.

The cosmetics industry is unique in that it requires a lot of flexibility on the part of the cosmetic packaging manufacturers. This means that your cosmetic industry equipment needs to be adaptable and able to comfortably accommodate any product’s assembly and/or distribution. When it comes to choosing conveying and packaging solutions for cosmetics, there are several features that are a necessity to have on your line.

1. End-To-End Product Movement

In the cosmetics industry, it’s critical to have adaptable, end-to-end product movement with a small transfer gap and closed carrying surface. This ensures that these often tiny products are moved along the line safely without high levels of friction.

At Span Tech, we offer a number of chain conveyor systems for cosmetics. The Closed-Top Chain Conveyor offers a smooth, closed carrying surface, ensuring small products don’t slip through the cracks. The MicroSpan Chain Conveyor also provides an incredibly smooth surface with an extremely small transfer gap for easy transport. And the MultiSpan Chain Conveyor is the peak of versatility and flexibility thanks to its compact design and variety of available chain types.

2. Smooth Sorting And Merging

When a cosmetics brand manufactures products, whether it’s an eyeshadow palette, a lip gloss or mascara, there are a lot of moving pieces and parts at play. Because of this, it’s essential that manufacturers have reliable material handling conveyor solutions in place that can accurately sort and merge at a fast pace.

The High-Speed Switch divides your cosmetic products efficiently and effectively, all while maintaining your product line pitch. If you need to stop or eject skin care or makeup products from your line, Span Tech’s selection of Conveyor Stops and Pushers can help. And easily discharge products at a multitude of elevations with the compact Vertical Switch Conveyor.

3. Reliable Elevation Change

A cosmetics brand often produces a lot of different products at once. Because of this, the more conveyor systems with smaller footprints, the better. The best way to accomplish this is by utilizing reliable and efficient conveyor systems that change elevation. These types of conveyor systems for cosmetics give you the capacity to move a wide range of product types without having to take up valuable floor space.

The Span Tech Topper Lift can tackle tricky angles, cosmetic product orientations and steep elevation changes of up to 60 degrees. And the Helical Conveyor is unique in that it can change elevation and direction simultaneously, creating the most ergonomic modular design with the tightest turning radius in the industry. If you’re tight on space and need to move several delicate cosmetic products at once, the Conveyor Elevator gives you the cost-effective capacity you need.

4. Easy Cleanup

Cosmetic products are often made using a powder, liquid or otherwise viscous material. Because of this, cosmetic industry equipment tends to get quite messy and even dangerous if you’re not using the right conveyor system add-on equipment. In fact, if you don’t have the right system in place, it can damage your conveyors, compromise the quality of your products or even put your employees at risk. By using the proper add-ons, you can ensure cleanability and prolong the lifespan of your material handling equipment.

Our Drip Trays were specifically created to catch liquids and debris that may fall off your conveyor and onto walkways or other areas of your conveyor system. And our Clean-Out Holes are made for areas where sanitation is a high priority. This system allows for better access to the inside of the conveyor bed and makes for a more effective and efficient washdown.

Let Span Tech Build Your Custom Conveyor Systems for Cosmetics

At Span Tech, we manufacture automated conveyor systems, innovative accessories and add-ons to customize a complete solution for your needs. Have a complex package design or an accelerated speed of production? We can accommodate that. We take great pride in our focus on maximizing safety and minimizing damage and defects — which means you get the highest quality products available.

Have a question or need help customizing your cosmetic conveyor system? Reach out today — we’re happy to help in whatever way we can.