PACK EXPO 2021 – Visit Span Tech at Booth #LS-6125


PACK EXPO is back as an in-person packaging convention, and we can’t wait to see you! Span Tech is all set for another fun-filled, action-packed, face-to-face packaging trade show September 27-29, 2021! Head to PACK EXPO 2021 Las Vegas to learn about all the new and innovative conveyor automation products from Span Tech Conveyors.


Let’s Reconnect at PACK EXPO Las Vegas

After the past year, we can’t wait to connect personally. Packaging Expo Vegas is an invaluable opportunity to network, research and experience the latest package conveyor technology upfront and in person. At Span Tech, we are family, and we want to create that same special relationship with you.

We’ll show you what sets us apart from other packaging conveyor belt companies and how we provide superior packaging conveyors for the following industries:

PACK EXPO 2021 In-Booth Demonstrations & Giveaways

At the Span Tech conveyor company booth, we will demonstrate our NEWEST fixed & adjustable guide rail product: EZGUIDE™. Eliminate packaging conveyor safety concerns and product changeover times with this innovative new guide rail. This material handling technology revolutionizes the way you look at and use standard guide rail. And the universal bracket allows for installation on ANY automated conveyor belt.

Let us show you what makes the EZGUIDE™ adjustable package conveyor guide rail so special — and every participant in the EZGUIDE™ demonstration walks away with a free giveaway!


Other packaging conveyor systems products will be demonstrated, including:

PACK EXPO Innovation Stage Presentation

  • When – Tuesday, September 28 | 10:00 am – 10:30 am
  • Where – Innovation Stage 2 (C2058)
  • Topic – New Conveyor Packaging Guide Rail System Tackles Safety Concerns & Product Guidance Issues

Free Registration For Pack Expo Las Vegas

Your success is our success — that is why we take pride in building the highest quality packaging conveyors at the overall lowest cost. In fact, we are so excited to show you how our packaging conveyor belt products can help your company’s productivity and efficiency, we are footing the bill for your PACK EXPO registration.

Simply use code 57J25 while registering, and gain access to PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2021 for free. Have questions? Contact us or give us a call at 866-943-0470.

Can’t wait to see you there!

How to Choose the Best Food-Grade Conveyor System


As an individual who works in the food production industry, it’s likely that your facility’s manufacturing operations run off of an efficient, powerful food-grade conveyor system. This ensures that all food processing is done safely and quickly to reduce labor costs while increasing overall output. If you work with food-grade conveyor systems that lack speed or constantly require maintenance, your production will eventually slow down and this may cause costly issues which can hurt your profits.

The right conveyor for your warehouse will ultimately depend on your specific needs. However, there are many things to think about if you’re interested in choosing a conveyor system that is more optimized for your organization. Here are four factors to consider when choosing the best food-grade conveyor system.


1. Your Food-Grade Conveyor Must Be Sanitary

Although this should go without saying, any food-grade conveyor you use must be sanitized throughout the day for optimal food contamination prevention. That means the right conveyor for food processing should be easy to clean with parts that are easily accessible. We recommend food-grade conveyor systems such as wire mesh belt conveyors made from stainless steel or sanitary washdown conveyor systems.

2. Food-Grade Conveyor Systems Should Have Excellent Durability

No matter how small or large your food-grade conveyor is, it should be rugged enough to handle multiple types of food processing applications. This is especially important when production involves significant volumes of material handling. The last thing you want is for any conveyor equipment to suddenly malfunction after many years of reliable service. To avoid this, make sure you order your system from trusted food-grade conveyor belt manufacturers like Span Tech.

3. A Food-Grade Conveyor Must Meet Regulations

Not only should your food-grade conveyor belt material be sanitary to handle various types of products, it must also be compatible with regulations involving the FDA, USDA, BISSC and CE. Otherwise, you may face legal challenges which can put a halt to your production. Fortunately, Span Tech has you covered with microspan transfer conveyor systems and much more industrial equipment that satisfies the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

4. Food-Grade Conveyor Systems Should Minimize Costs

A great food-grade conveyor system is capable of moving large quantities of food products at all times. If any aspect of operations gets bogged down, this can lead to unwanted manufacturing or production downtime. Ultimately, this will cut into your profits as less volume of your products will leave the warehouse on time. This can also tarnish your reputation with vendors which can be even more catastrophic. Be sure to only use an automated conveyor system that is fully operational and optimized to your specific food processing needs.

Find Excellent Food-Grade Conveyor Systems at Span Tech

Now that you know what to look for when purchasing a food-grade conveyor upgrade, check out some of the systems that Span Tech offers. From wedge conveyor systems to spiral elevator food-grade conveyor systems, our equipment will fit various space requirements without compromising performance. Browse our selection or start your estimate today. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll be happy to assist you.