Premium Conveyor Design Engineering with Span Tech


Span Tech’s ultimate goal is to “build the very best conveyor systems we are capable of.” A big part of that comes with understanding our customers’ needs can change at a moment’s notice. As a result, our team is dedicated to providing fully-functional design layouts in short amounts of time to keep your business on track. Continue reading to learn how we use our proprietary software to create premium design engineering solutions for our customers.

Span Tech’s Cutting Edge Design Technology

From manufacturing trends to the latest in innovation testing, Span Tech is continuously leading the way in the plastic chain conveyor industry. Another way our team strives to produce exceptional products is with our in-house design technology. We’re taking a look at the cutting edge software and tools Span Tech uses to create conveyor design layouts that satisfy our customers and outperform our competition.

Navigator Software

Span Tech’s Designer System launched in 1988, and that was the beginning of our Navigator Software. We utilize this high-tech platform to create a 3D WireFrame layout of our customers’ requirements. Our team can provide designs in just a few days based on the size and complexity of the job. With the customer provided layout, product information and environment conditions, a Navigator generated layout will be presented to the customer for design approval. Below is a layout example:

Torque Master

Along with Navigator software, we also use Torque Master. This runs inside Navigator and provides the torque that’s required based on the conveyor layout and product specifications. Torque Master also provides color coded cells informing the designer that the conveyor will be in normal operating limits. This program ensures that every conveyor we design will be functional and convey our customers’ specified products.

Transfer Technology

Based on the product our customer wants, a transfer may be required to provide a smooth transition on and off of the conveyor. To do this, our team implements our specialized Transfer Technology program. Utilizing real time product testing, this platform provides the lowest cost transfer for the product being conveyed. Below is an example of a low cost application of a Gravity Transfer Roller System.

Solid Works 3D Modeling Software

Now and then, we’re required to provide special automation in addition to our conveyor layout. When this happens, we use Solid Works 3D Modeling Software. Below is a Span Tech Lift Gate that can be raised manually to provide a walk through access.

Get Conveyor Design Layouts from Span Tech

Whether you need specialty conveyor systems or spare parts, Span Tech is here to help with innovative design layouts. Since our founding in 1988, we’ve made it our mission to exceed expectations and satisfy our customers. If you have a special application for your product, our team will provide a conveyor layout with customized automation to convey it. To get custom conveyor solutions for an efficient, thriving production process, start your estimate today!