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Food Conveyor and Processing Systems

Span Tech Food Conveyors: Transform Your Food Production

Span Tech is revolutionizing the food industry by offering food conveyors that excel in minimizing product damage and optimizing waste reduction. These systems are adept at handling a vast array of food products, from meat and dairy to fruits and vegetables, ensuring each item maintains its quality from start to finish. The secret to Span Tech’s success lies in our relentless pursuit of high sanitation standards, making our conveyors a beacon of hygiene and efficiency in food processing.

Span Tech designs food conveyor systems that effectively do it all: accumulate, merge, divide, incline, vertically convey, deposit, reject and reclaim, all while saving crucial production time with easy-to-clean parts. Our food-handling conveyors can be designed to meet your specific industry needs.

● Baking Equipment Assessment Group (BEAG), formerly (BISSC)

● US Department of Agriculture (USDA)

● US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

● Conformité Européenne (CE Marking)


Food conveyors for a variety of products:

Our food grade conveyors cover meat, dairy, fruit, vegetables, frozen food, specialty baking, fresh and convenience foods, as well as beverage production. We also have expertise in specialty baking systems like indexing, merging, diverting, elevating and declining.


Other food processing applications include:

  • Serving specialty baking manufacturers with process conveyors, pan systems and package-handling lines
  • Engineering produce and meat systems from the process room, tray-handling systems and case-handling
  • Creating lines for vacuum-formed packages and envelopes for dry industries



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