Standard Conveyors

When you have a simple application and just need to get your product from point A to point B, our Standard Conveyors will move your products seemlessly.

Whether you have the need for a straight, incline or curving application we have the conveyors that will fit your demands and your space. Our Standard Conveyor systems are simple but effective and require very minimal design time to ensure you get your products moving as soon as possible.


Accumulation is the collecting of products on a conveyor to move them as a group instead of individually. Accumulation occurs by halting the product on the conveyor allowing the products behind it to catch up and group together.

Accumulation is needed when you want to move a slug of products through at one time, typically seen when packaging multiple products in a single bundle. Or, if one part of the production cycle runs at a different rate. Or as a safe guard against a line shut down if a machine at the end of the line goes down. You can continue running and accumulate product before the downed machine instead of shutting down the entire line.

While you can accumulate on any of Span Tech’s chains, (other than high friction), we designed Tube Top chain specifically for the accumulation application. By allowing the tubes to roll under the accumulated product Tube Top chain decreases the back pressure felt on the products (back pressure – how squeezed the first products are by all the accumulated products behind it pushing on them). The rolling tubes are also much more gentle on the products that have printed surfaces.

Sorting and Merging

Boost your sorting and merging capabilities and take your productivity to new heights.

Sorting and merging your products has never been easier. Check out our selection of adaptable sorting and merging conveyor solutions to learn how your system could be more efficient than ever.

Plastic Conveyor Chains

Stop buying complete belt or chain assemblies for small, worn-out sections. Span Tech’s modular, rebuildable chain components mean easy fixes on your line. Our patented, durable chain designs not only set the industry standard for quality and innovation, but also provide solutions applicable to a variety of products and industries.

Innovative Design – Our chains are completely captured to the conveyor frames, so there is no loose chain on the top or bottom. That means no more troublesome and dangerous catenaries on your line.

Durable – All of our chains are built to last, with a modular design, quiet operation and easy cleaning solutions.

Follow the Link Below To Learn More About Plastic Chain:

The Benefits of Plastic Chain


Multi-Directional Conveyor Sections

Multi-directional conveyors that move your business in one direction: up.

Whether its vertical, horizontal, curved, turned, upside-down or inside out, Span Tech conveyors can move your products without causing friction. Prevent product damage with customized solutions that move just the way you need, and exactly where you need.

Conveyor Drives & Motors

Drive your systems with speed and precision.

You need reliable, exact drives to keep products moving safely and on time. Don’t settle for anything less than our versatile, supportable options. Check out our selection of drives to see how your system can benefit. Not sure which one is right for your line? Contact us to find out.

Conveyor Supports

Custom supports, tailored to your system.

Sure, you picked the high-tech conveyor that just does what you need – but what’s keeping it stable? Our durable supports ensure that your systems stay working in place, and even allow for easy mobility when needed.

Conveyor Accessories

Add Ons allow you to find the options you need to perfect your system.

With our flexible, adaptable and often interchangeable product selection, Span Tech add-ons and specialty options can significantly improve your system’s performance. Whether your industry’s unique needs requires a pre-engineered add-on part, or you need to custom-designed specialty solution, consider these options to take your conveyor to the next level of durability and efficiency.

Specialty Conveyor Systems

When standard conveyors just aren’t enough, we have something special to offer.

Need your conveyor to do something unordinary? Our specialty conveyors can do it all – from twisting to running underwater. We embrace your challenges to find the perfect, specialty solution.


Connecting your systems, maximizing your productivity

Need to move products in a linear manner from one conveyor to the next? We can provide the best solution possible, with transfers that are strong enough for heavy products and smooth enough for the smallest. The proven technology is developed to work seamlessly in conjunction with our conveyors, but they can also be adapted to use on other systems as well. All of our transfers are washdown capable and can be either slave-driven from the main conveyor shaft or independently powered by their own gearmotors. Our transfer systems get your products where they need to be faster. Let us show you how they’ll work on your system.