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EZSpan Belt Conveyor

Span Tech's new line of "belt" conveyors. The EZSpan uses extremely-thin, modular conveyor chain to create a system that has many advantages over typical belt conveyor designs including: capability, maintenance, and price.

What makes our EZSpan belt conveyors unique compared to other standard belt conveyors is the fact that we use modular chain and not a fabric belt, which in turn eliminates any tracking issues that are considered “the norm” with belt conveyors. Also, our take-up units are not placed at the ends of the conveyor meaning when you order a 6-foot long conveyor, it will never deviate from this length. EZSpan conveyors will fit in perfectly between machines without the worry of the take-up unit creating a huge gap or interfering with the machine. Whether you’re looking for pharmaceutical conveyors or conveyor solutions for the cosmetic industry, the EZSpan can be customized to meet the needs of businesses operating in a variety of industries.

EZSpan Benefits:

  • Plastic modular chain instead of a fabric belt
  • No tracking required
  • Constant end to end distance. No end take ups
  • Very low profile for easier integration
  • Designed to make maintenance very easy
  • Can be ordered with left or right drive capabilities

EZSpan Features:

  • Chain Width – 300mm (11.8″)
  • Conveyor Length – 730mm (2.4 ft) to 9145mm (30 ft)
  • Speed Range – 30 ft/min to 110 ft/min
  • Max Load Capacity – 250 lbs
  • VFD Included with your choice: 120 VAC (1P) | Power Cord Included
    • Available upon request: 240 VAC (1P or 3P) | 480 VAC (3P) | Power Cord sold seperately and may increase lead times.
  • Roller Ends – 38mm Ø of chain
  • Automatic chain take up sensor

EZSpan Modular Belt Conveyor Design Options for Greater Flexibility and Control:

  • 2 Chain Styles: 6mm Plain and 6mm Raised
  • Low Profile Nose Bar Option: 18mm (0.71”) diameter
  • Option for Supports
  • Option for Casters
  • Option for Guide Rail


Downloadable Models
EZSpan AutoCAD Drawing
EZSpan AutoCAD Drawing

Download EZSpan AutoCAD Drawing

EZSpan 3D Model STEP Format
EZSpan 3D Model STEP Format

Download EZSpan 3D Model STEP Format

EZSpan 3D Model IGES Format Download
EZSpan 3D Model IGES Format Download




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