Product Spotlight | Bump Rotate

Reorient product with the Bump Rotate

The Bump Rotate is a  simple and effective way to change product orientation during the transport cycle, for any operation that requires a specific orientation coming off the line. It uses a roller wheel or tab that can be placed on either side of the conveyor, that when impacted by the product rotate it 90 degrees. If a 180 degree rotation is needed, two Bump Rotates are used in succession.  Guide rail spacing can be increased at each rotate point to allow room for the rotation.




  • Intentional obstruction in the path of product on a conveyor which causes the product to rotate and change orientation 90°.
  • Mechanical design operates without the use of sensing devices, I/O components, or powered automation.
  • Generally requires Guide Rail after the Bump Rotate to straighten the product.
  • Temporarily slows the product down on the conveyor which is why a minimum pitch rule must be followed for this application.

Amazon Effect -vs- The Span Tech Effect

In the words of Willy Wonka’s Verruca Salt – “don’t care how…I want it noooow”.

We live in an ever more immediate gratification era. And why not – with multiple devices at our fingertips bringing us all the online e-commerce world has to offer. Click it and pick it – groceries and home goods, deliver to your door – food and medication, need a ride – and the list goes on and on. With an internet connection and a click we CAN in fact – get it NOW.

When you think e-commerce – you think, Amazon. We’ve witnessed profound impacts e-commerce has had on society – most evident in Retail, online as well as brick and mortar. But the impacts reach much further back into the supply chain – disrupting everything in multiple business categories.

As a direct result, the pressure on American Manufacturing to move goods to market faster, is radically transforming business strategies – to speed up order turnaround time. The definition of acceptable order lead times is changing – the new competitive weapon – moving goods faster. The customer doesn’t care how, they just want their order shipped complete and they want it noooow. This impact is being called the Amazon Effect.

What is the Amazon Effect? According to – ‘the ongoing evolution and disruption of the retail market, both online and in physical outlets, resulting from increased e-commerce.

Amazon keeps their focus on their customers, not the competition.  The competition has no choice but to step it up. At Span Tech we focus on our customers, who will likely use Amazon as a market place to distribute goods. We’re in business to support the Material Handing and Processing industries that move the goods – and we’re prepared to respond. Span Tech creates the most innovative, reliable, cost effective, custom conveyor solutions with unprecedented speed to market – no competitor can match.


Our Solutions



– Flexible, adaptable and affordable sorting in the smallest footprint possible.


Pushers & Stops

– Rugged design that moves heavy products efficiently.

conveyor, transfer, pushers and stops


High Speed Switches

– Maintain product pitch effectively while merging and sorting with ease.

Speed to market is nothing new to us and we have the resources and capabilities to remain the most responsive Conveyor Solutions provider. So when you think of strategies to meet the ‘I want it nooooow’ Amazon Effect – ‘Let’s talk’ the Span Tech effect.

Check out all of the ways we can get you up to speed with the Amazon Effect.

Spare-ing No Expense With Conveyor Spare Parts

Having an inventory of spare parts is a vital part of keeping your conveyors running effectively and with minimal downtime. Keeping an inventory of necessary spare parts on hand or a quick list to reference when the time presents itself will help ensure the fastest and most cost effective solution to your conveyor problems.

Below we have listed some reasons why keeping up with your spare parts could be beneficial to your operation.


  • Efficiency

Having the proper parts on hand allows your company to get their operations back online faster, even after a major breakdown.


  • Expense

Spare parts may seem like are a large expense upon initial purchase, but their costs are minuscule compared to the costs of a breakdown without having spare parts on hand.  Depending on the parts needed, the affected machines might need to be shut down while awaiting new parts.  Vital parts may require an entire plant shutdown.  Workers and production thus cease while the part is ordered, possibly fabricated, packaged, and shipped.  This process could take days or even weeks to complete.   Meanwhile, the costs mount for the plant that is sitting idle until the parts arrive. Missed production deadlines could cost the company money, time and valuable client relationships.

Ecommerce industry


  • Proper Repair

Stories abound about company employees who, in an effort to avoid a major shutdown, perform a “patch job” on their equipment.  The results are sometimes even more damaging to the machinery in a way that affects the conveyor operation.  Making the parts available prevents the need for such shortcuts.


  • Shipping

Shipping costs for overnight/ next day air are sometimes as much as the costs of the required parts themselves;  And paying these charges still does not  guarantee the required item(s) are going to be delivered to the correct location, on time, and in perfect working order.

We at Span Tech never expect our systems to fail or cause you any problems, however we do understand that accidents happen and overtime normal wear and tear occur. This is why with every system sold we include a recommended spare parts list. This will ensure that you know what you need when you need it. Our goal is to keep your systems up and running for as long as possible and sometimes in order to do that; all it takes is a spare part.

When you order conveyors from Span Tech, we highly recommend adding spare parts to your order.  If you already have our conveyors running in your facility, contact the Spare Parts Department.  They will be happy to help you obtain a list of suggested parts for your conveyor.

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Benefits of a Partnership with Span Tech

Benefits of Partnering With Span Tech

WHY Partner with Span Tech

“There are suppliers and then there are PARTNERS – Span Tech is a partner I continue to rely upon to help me earn and keep my customer’ business and trust.” HCM SYSTEMS — Larry McNamara, Account Manager

We understand that the key to success is in our partnership’s – understanding the ins-and-outs of our systems and how they can work best for you. Since the beginning, our goal has been to partner with our customers to build the very best conveyor systems. We’ve since become the leading Conveyor Systems Manufacturer and Innovator in Material Handling and Processing.




Span Tech is the only plastic chain conveyor company that manufactures all of its components, controlling the quality of the complete product offering. We’re driven by our company-wide passion to manufacture products that are: reliable, durable, quiet, safe, clean, easy to maintain and modify, efficient and customizable.

 “Quality equipment, professional service and knowledgeable personnel are why our choice for conveyor systems will always be Span Tech” ARR-TECH, INC. – Kevin Pearson, Vice President.


We don’t shy away from your challenges – in fact, we embrace them. Our engineers never stop working to improve the solutions we can give our customers. When the right option doesn’t exist, that’s when the fun begins. At Span Tech, we’re engineering new solutions through investments in R&D, dynamic problem solving and top-notch customer service. Our innovations mean better options on your line.

“Span Tech offered us more diversity…”  PASTA MONTANA – Kay Ritter, Operations Manager

#3 Best VALUE

Span Tech thrives on making products, to improve your business. We have a long history finding the best solutions, including manufacturing efficient conveyors that run longer than the competition’s, minimizing maintenance and downtime, increasing productivity and maximizing ROI.  We partner with you to create the best solutions for the most value.

“They are clean, safe, easily maintainable, dependable and cost-effective”. COBE, Bob Fiore, Manufacturing Engineering Manager.


#4 Incomparable TECHNOLOGY & Unprecedented FLEXIBILITY

We never think “it can’t be done” – we have a deep pool of experiences from across industries, resulting in the development of long lasting, extremely successful conveyance solutions and software technology that allow for flexible easy tweaks. Designed to grow as business changes, configurations can be easily adjusted – need to change a left hand drive to a right?, you can – with little to no additional parts needed.



Span Tech strives to be the most responsive conveyor business in the world.  We are a dynamic, creative organization, with extremely high up-time, rapid design and pricing for exceptional speed to market.

  “Their quick turnaround and ability to work with our needs has made Span Tech a company we turn to time after time for quality conveyance”. FALLAS AUTOMATION – Daniel Maeyaert, Operations Director


#6 Extraordinary PEOPLE

We are family! We’re built on the principals; integrity, loyalty and respect – driven by our customer’s needs. Our talented thought leaders not only have the skill sets, but the passion to partner and provide the best solutions for your business family.

The quality of this product speaks for itself… the difference lies in the quality of the organization. The whole Span Tech organization – Sales, Engineering, Service – works to serve customers’ needs, not just sell conveyors.” STORAGE CONCEPTS, INC. – John Clemency, Manager of Material Handling Systems


When you have a material handling problem that “can’t be solved” > move your business forward > PARTNER WITH SPAN TECH!


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