Best Material Handling Systems For A Smooth Conveyor Transfer

Conveyor transition systems

The need to safely and efficiently move products along a conveyor line spans countless industries. And while most conveyors contain the same essential components, a vital part of any system’s success and, ironically one of the most overlooked, is the transfer conveyor.

Span Tech’s conveyor transfer systems were designed to effortlessly connect your new or existing conveyor systems. The conveyor transition section on a line will enable products to efficiently and reliably make a smooth transfer at various speeds and in multiple directions without disruption. The following are some of Span Tech’s top material handling systems and solutions for a smooth conveyor transfer.

Gravity Transfer

When your application doesn’t require a powered transfer, the non-powered Gravity Transfer Rollers provide an ideal method for quickly moving materials. The rollers’ small nose bar allows even the smallest of products to be transferred safely and efficiently. And the innovative design makes maintenance and cleaning incredibly simple. Gravity Transfers from Span Tech are entirely customizable, and dead plate transfers are also available and can be fitted to your system.

MicroSpan Transfer

A compact, durable transition solution, the MicroSpan Transfer makes end-to-end product movement easier than ever before. This conveyor transfer can be operated by an employee from the main conveyor shaft or can be independently powered by its own gear motors.

Wire Mesh Transfer

Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors are the perfect solution for avoiding sticky situations. This transferring conveyor shares many features with that of the MicroSpan Transfer, but is ideal for handling sticky or gummy products. The Wire Mesh Transfer is applicable for use near or within freezers and for various bi-directional situations.

Learn Why The Experts Choose Span Tech

Span Tech’s smooth conveyor transfer solutions are designed to seamlessly move products and food from one conveyor to the next. With our extensive experience in customizing transfer conveyor systems, each solution and component has been created to improve workflow and alleviate potential manufacturing risks and safety concerns.

For example, when Fleischer’s Bagels moved to its new 42,000-square-foot facility, they were producing over 50 bag designs and various sizes of bagels. At first, conventional bagel equipment was considered, but they soon found that for their level of high-volume production an automated approach would be needed. They turned to Span Tech. The expert team at Span Tech created a completely custom conveyor system with different types of transfers to boost productivity while reducing costs. To this day, they remain one of the most unique and efficient factories in the bagel industry due to their specialized use of different types of transfer systems.

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