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Barren County Schools

Students attending the Barren County School System will achieve success in college or post-secondary education. This will be demonstrated by providing high quality 21st century teaching that leads to learning in a healthy, safe and supportive environment. We will provide experiences and create opportunities which will ensure that our students will be prepared to embrace change in tomorrow’s world.


Red Cross Steam Program

(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)


With a lab dedicated to hands-on learning with science, engineering and art projects on a balcony overlooking the school’s main atrium, Red Cross Elementary School is taking the first steps toward preparing Barren County students for technical careers.


The lab is to encourage students to design their own approaches to solving problems and find multiple ways to work around the resources they don’t have.


The space is a STEAM lab, meaning it incorporates science, technology, engineering and mathematics, commonly known as the STEM disciplines, as well as art.


Most of the lab’s materials, which include two crates of Chromebooks, a 3-D printer, LEGOs and plenty of supplies used for artistic projects like aluminum foil, several kind of tape and construction paper, are located on tables pushed against a wall emblazoned with brightly-colored words such as interact, innovate and collaborate.


Donations for the STEAM lab came from local companies including conveyor belt manufacturer SpanTech, the Red Cross Parent Teacher Organization, Dart Container Corp. and the Glasgow-based RBG Foundation, as well as a host of private donors.

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