High Speed Sorting Conveyor | Get High Speed Sortation Capabilities from Span Tech

High Speed Switch Conveyor

Sort & Merge products with ease. The high-speed sorting conveyor divides your products effectively, while maintaining product pitch.

Need to split product flow while maintaining product pitch? It’s what we designed our high-speed switch to do, and at a speed that can’t be overlooked. We currently have high-speed switch conveyors splitting product flow at up to 275 fpm. Products are transferred along by a series of carriers which are supported by guide rods. Everything is powered by a pair of MonoSpan conveyor chains. Product flow can be split evenly (1 lane to 2, 2 lanes to 3, etc.) or can be programmed to divert a product whenever you need it!


  • Max Speed : 275 fpm (Unless approved by design department)
  • Maximum Carrier Rod Length: 48″
  • Minimum Product Length: 4″
  • Minimum Carrier Offset: 1:3 or greater = 4.75″
  • There must be 4 inches of gap between successive products.
  • Uses coated steel rods or anodized aluminum rods.
  • High Speed Switches will not run in reverse.
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