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Spiral Conveyor

A cost effective solution for changing elevations, OutRunner Spiral conveyors give you the capacity to move several product types without taking up valuable floor space.

For elevation change with a minimal footprint, spiral conveyors are ideal. The cost-effective, compact units are not only strong, but gentle as well. No pressure is applied to the product, so even delicate items can pass through it without damage. Find the perfect option in changing elevation conveyors for your space with Span Tech and find all of your conveyor system solutions!

The Spiral Conveyor Advantage

The OutRunner Spiral Elevator conveyor is driven by a single gearmotor, but each 360-degree revolution is individually driven. Rather than trying to drive all of the chain from one end, the spiral conveyor design allows each tier to share the load, offering many advantages including great flexibility in loads, speeds and incline angles.

Proofing, Cooling & Curing

Some products require time to rest for various reasons – bread dough needs time to rise (proofing), some glues or chemical reactions need time to cure, other products need time to cool off or dry after being baked, washed, cooked, etc.  A spiral elevator system allows for a very large amount of product to be temporarily held while still being in the production line.

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