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Plastic Chain Conveyor Types

Stop buying complete belt or chain assemblies for small, worn-out sections. Span Tech’s modular, rebuildable chain components mean easy fixes on your line. Our patented, durable chain designs not only set the industry standard for quality and innovation, but also provide solutions applicable to a variety of products and industries.

Innovative Design – Our chains are completely captured to the conveyor frames, so there is no loose chain on the top or bottom. That means no more troublesome and dangerous catenaries on your line.

Durable – All of our chains are built to last, with a modular design, quiet operation and easy cleaning solutions.

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The Benefits of Plastic Chain


50mm SuperTight Conveyor Chain

The longer pitch of 50mm SuperTight chain means it uses half the number of links to get the same job done. This chain has the tightest turning radius in the market today.

Closed Top Conveyor Chain

Sometimes you need a conveyor chain with a smooth, closed carrying surface, that’s when Closed Top chain comes to the rescue.

MicroSpan Conveyor Chain

Modular chain designed to replace belt conveyor systems. End-to-end product movement has never been more adaptable than with MicroSpan chain components and transfers.


Your strong, versatile solution with a compact design, MultiSpan is a flexible answer that can be applied to almost any industry need. Its large amount of different chain types make it adaptable to any conveying challenge.

MiniLink Conveyor Chain

MiniLink is the ideal choice to move your small products with care on a single conveyor.

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