50mm SuperTight Conveyor Chain

The longer pitch of 50mm SuperTight chain means it uses half the number of links to get the same job done. This chain has the tightest turning radius in the market today.

50mm SuperTight chain is a perfect solution for applications where a low-cost, high-performance conveyor is needed.  Because the pitch of this chain is twice that of our other chains, the same length conveyor uses half the number of chain rows!  It weighs less yet is just as strong as standard 25mm SuperTight chain.  Additionally, 50mm SuperTight chain has the absolute lowest turning radius in the industry, meaning you can cut corners in your layout!  Its open design allows for good air flow to your product, perfect for cooling or drying applications.  This chain is available in all the same widths as our MultiSpan and 25mm SuperTight chain.

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