Conveyor Add-Ons | Learn More About Our Flexible, Adaptable & Interchangeable Conveyor Additions Online at Span Tech Conveyors

Conveyor Add-Ons

Add Ons allow you to find the options you need to perfect your system.

With our flexible, adaptable and often interchangeable product selection, Span Tech add-ons and specialty options can significantly improve your system’s performance. Whether your industry’s unique needs requires a pre-engineered add-on part, or you need to custom-designed specialty solution, consider these options to take your conveyor to the next level of durability and efficiency.

Lexan Conveyor Guards

Safety is a top priority and we understand the need to keep your employees protected.

Washdown Conveyor Systems

Reduce the time it takes for wash down with our cleanability add-on options, such as clean out holes.

Vinyl Under Guarding

Add a vinyl under guard to extend the life and durability of your conveyor.

Traffic Cop Merge Systems

Automatically merge two lanes into a single output, regardless of the varying sizes of your products.

Chain Washer

Reduce the labor and downtime required to clean your conveyor chain with a SpanTech chain washer. Take on the hard jobs and gets them done right. The Chain Washer solution is ideal for non-washdown environments.

Low Profile Conveyor Idlers

Versatile and agile, the Low Profile Idler moves small products without a transfer bridge.