Standard Straight Conveyor | Get a Premium Straight Conveyor from Span Tech

Standard Straight Conveyor

Span Tech’s standard straight conveyor is a cut above all other basic plastic chain conveyors on the market. Expertly manufactured with premium materials, it’s designed to eliminate any catenary or chain take up. As a result, our straight conveyor has a 3-axis symmetry that allows for the drive to be located at either end or side. This lets you push the standard straight conveyor up against existing pieces of equipment to get the best fit for your facility.

Effective Straight Conveyor Solutions

Captured chains let your team utilize our straight-line conveyor systems in a variety of ways. From tilting and twisting to laying it vertically or on its edge, our straight conveyor has the power to make your process most efficient. From transporting bags to moving car parts, our standard straight conveyor is here to help your manufacturing facility work effectively and get the job done right every time.

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