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Licensing Agreement Program

Span Tech LLC recognizes that many industries around the world can improve process efficiency with the use of Designer Series® conveyor products. However, the shipping cost and time of transportation from Supplier’s production facility in Glasgow, Kentucky, USA make it impractical to compete worldwide for relatively simple conveyor systems, typically ordered with short lead times. Also, it is not practical or economically possible to duplicate the Glasgow, Kentucky production facilities in multiple locations around the world. This program is designed to allow fast assembly of conveyor systems at the Manufacturer’s facility from on-hand components with a minimum of investment in capital or parts.

This program requires an investment in special tooling, components and some fabrication equipment. Local vendors may be used for some components. Attractive, competitive components pricing is offered to the Manufacturer in exchange for reasonable stocking levels and minimum order quantities. The required level of investment will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis intended to insure adequate equipment, tooling and components availability to meet end-user’s needs.

It must be understood this is not a “sell one, buy one” program, nor is it an alternate service parts sourcing program. Manufacturers will have the right to sell spare parts from stock purchased on this program, but minimum reorder quantities will apply.

As part of the services related to this program, Manufacturers will be provided with training on the proprietary EZSUITE®, Estimator®, Navigator® and Torque Master® software programs used for the design and load calculations of conveyor systems. Manufacturers will also be provided with proprietary fabrication and assembly techniques and methods of conveyor construction. These tools and methods must be used to insure consistent performance, quality and lifespan of Span Tech conveyors. All conveyors sold under this program are required to carry the Span Tech LLC brand and data plate information. They may also carry the Manufacturer’s contact information for future parts or systems sales.



  • Quicker Shipments.
  • Lower Freight Costs. 
  • Lower Labor Costs. 
  • Participants can stock items at their locations for quicker deliveries to their customers.
  • Participants can put together Sub-Assemblies, Chain, Drives & Idlers themselves.
  • Participants can do their own design work and not have to go through our design and approval process.
  • Use EZSUITE software to create an order form.


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