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Package & Material Handling Conveyors

Benefits of Span Tech’s Packaging Conveyor Systems:

When it comes to packaging facilities, the best conveyor solutions should make the best use of moving trays, boxes, crates and available floor space. Whether you are moving sensitive products, empty packages or heavy packages, your packaging line should be flexible, adaptable and innovative to ensure each product is handled correctly and oriented appropriately before entering the filling, labeling and packaging machines down the line.


Innovation Towards your Packaging Line:

We are constantly inventing and continually evolving our conveyor designs and equipment to best handle all product packaging for more than 30 years now. This breadth of experience, coupled with our diverse range of equipment, provides expert solutions for an array of applications and budget requirements.

In addition, our seasoned account engineers and project managers will recommend the best equipment solution for your particular product and project specifications. Contact us today to get started on achieving the most out of your packaging process.


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