The Quality Promise from Span Tech


From customizing original conveyor solutions to utilizing creative problem solving, Span Tech has always sworn by going the extra mile. Our quality policy takes our commitment to excellence one step further. This latest Span Tech advancement greatly enhances our corporate culture and increases our ability to satisfy our customers time after time. So, what does “quality” mean and how does it affect the way we do things? We take a closer look at this innovative policy and what you can expect when you choose Span Tech.

Quality: A Shared Responsibility

It’s safe to say that Span Tech isn’t like other companies on the market, and that’s the way we like it. Since our humble beginnings in 1988, quality has always been of the utmost importance in everything we do. Over the years, we’ve learned something crucial: Quality is more about people than it is about things.

This powerful lesson inspired us to thoroughly examine Span Tech’s process. In doing this, we reviewed the way our team collaborates and studied the domino effect each role has on the next. This led us to reevaluate the way we work and how our quality is monitored. We analyzed everything from our account managers communicating with customers to the packing and invoicing of our final products. Our in-depth assessment led us to create Span Tech’s quality approach.

Quality Policy

Span Tech’s quality policy holds all of our employees accountable for the value of their work. Rather than having one quality department keeping tabs on our progress, we assign the responsibility to each and every staff member on our team. Our quality policy states:

“It is the policy of Span Tech to fully understand the requirements of our customers, both internal and external, and to provide defect-free products and services on time.

Quality, continual improvement and customer satisfaction are the personal responsibilities of each and every team member.”

This approach improves the way we work together and the overall satisfaction of our customers. To give you a better understanding of how it works and why it’s effective, we’ve broken down our quality policy’s key points.

Span Tech’s 6 Quality Principles

Our quality policy mandates each of our employees to take ownership and responsibility of their work and to understand the requirements of each task involved in their job. In order to produce quality work and serve our customers with the highest quality products, we abide by the following principles:

1. Personnel

We’re committed to having the right people in the right positions. We ensure this through seeking out employees with prior training, experience and the necessary qualifications. We assess each individual’s skills and talents and place them in roles where they can best utilize those attributes.

2. Relationships

Span Tech expects defect-free products from our suppliers. If we receive items from our suppliers that do not meet our requirements, we provide feedback on corrective action.

3. Technology

As the leading innovator of conveyor solutions, Span Tech utilizes state of the art technology to engineer and manufacture our products.

4. Documentation

Our team ensures documented work instructions and procedures are clearly defined. Whether it’s explaining a job role or an engineering project, the documentation must be accurate, coherent and consistent with Span Tech’s methodology.

5. Verification

We’re committed to ensuring the products we make perform the way they should. As a result, we use appropriate measuring tools to verify dimensions and functional testing. Every Span Tech product must meet our standards, and quality helps us ensure that it does.

6. Dedication

The heart and soul of Span Tech lies within our employees. Their unwavering commitment to doing things the right way and performing their very best ensures the final touch of quality in all of our products.

Quality in Action

It’s one thing to define a policy. But how does Span Tech’s quality initiative impact our day-to-day business? We take a look at how this policy directly affects our team and the measures we’re taking to strive for excellence.

Practicing Prevention

Our team recognizes quality doesn’t simply occur on a whim. We take deliberate actions to avoid defects in our work. To do this, we start with defining our customers’ requirements. We then ensure our procedures for each project are accurate, correct, easy-to-understand and always followed. We also verify that we’re using the proper equipment and everything is functioning properly. By working proactively, we eliminate many risks from the get-go.

Corrective Action & Control of Nonconforming Products

We realize no one is perfect. As a result, mistakes and unforeseen issues may occur. If this happens, our team is dedicated to catching, controlling and correcting any nonconforming product. In doing this, we:

  • Identify the product in question.
  • Separate it from our other products.
  • Rework, repair, return or scrap it.
  • Examine what went wrong to prevent the issue from recurring.

Problem Elimination

After a problem is identified, it can often feel impossible to ensure it doesn’t happen again. But when the same problems occur again and again, they can greatly affect morale and waste a lot of valuable time. To eliminate problems, our team works to strategically:

  • Define the situation.
  • Identify the root cause.
  • Determine the best solution.
  • Implement changes.
  • Verify results.

Making Certain

We’re big fans of fully understanding everything within our work environment. Our employees are empowered to constantly seek clarity and challenge any situation. Whether it’s an oversight, a task with unclear requirements or a general lack of understanding, our team is authorized and encouraged to dig deeper. With certainty comes quality. And, we believe, with quality comes success.

Choose Span Tech for Unparalleled Service and Utmost Quality

Since 1988, Span Tech has been building the very best conveyor systems on the market. While we continue to manufacture premium products, we’re doing everything in our power to minimize error and maximize satisfaction. Providing you with quality is just another way we OUTLAST, OUTPERFORM AND OUTDELIVER.

The Span Tech team is committed to open communication, a solid foundation of trust and a deep appreciation of our customers. When you choose to work with us, you choose an upstanding company that believes in doing the right thing and giving you the best possible product and service around. Reach out to our staff today to learn about our custom conveyors and experience quality in action!